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We are a dedicated team specialized on chatting with fans, building relationships, and selling pay-per-view content on Onlyfans.

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Stop hiring amateurs. Work with professionals.

You can choose to hire some underpaid Filipinos who cannot speak English, know nothing about male-female relationships and have no experience.

Or you can hire professionals chatters who can speak multiple languages, have studied human psychology and know how to make a man crazy in love with your model.

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What they think about our work.

Onlytalk helped me in a very professional way. Their work is very good, and the team has always listened to my wishes and delivered the best quality possible.

Top 1,5% Creator

Work with Onlytalk is very appreciable. They are professional and thorough in their work. I recommend them if you want the best chatters.

Le Paradis Rose Agency

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We have two offers to match your profile and best meet your needs.

For Agency

$5/hour + 5% commission

  • Up to 16 hours/day

  • Commission only on "Messages" and "Tips"

  • Flat-fee fixed hourly rate

  • Per model

To talk further please fill out our Contact Us form, or email us at

For Model

15-40% commission

  • Up to 16 hours/day

  • Commission only on "Messages" and "Tips"

  • Guaranteed to earn more or pay nothing

To talk further please fill out our Contact Us form, or email us at

our faq

To answers your questions.

What is an Onlyfans chatter ?

An OnlyFans chatter is a dedicated sales person responsible for engaging with fans, building a relationship, and selling a creators PPV content. OnlyFans chatters help boost sales whilst giving a creators fans a more intimate experience, by being constantly available for chat support. Having OnlyFans chatters on an account almost guarantees that a creator will make more money than without. A subscriber who receives a fast reply when they're is more likely to spend their money and more likely to stay subscribed.

Why work with chatters ?

Working with chatters allows you to focus on other tasks such as marketing or content creation. It is a very time-consuming task.

Can I choose how many hours I want you to work for me ?

Of course! Our keyword is flexibility. Depending on the popularity of your account, a chatter will have more or less time to spend on your account per day. Our average range is 8-16h per day. We do not recommend 24/24h because it can make your account suspicious.

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